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01 June 2010


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My best friend is a photographer (weddings and portraits) and has told me some great (horror) stories. I'm with you. I tried to keep my wedding simple & easy and still stressed out so badly my friend had to photoshop a huge zit out of every wedding picture. My advice: elope and spend the money on a honeymoon instead.

If your friend works in the biz I'll just bet s/he has some great stories! That's why I love books like this--you suspect this sort of crap is going on, but there's something hilarious about reading it. Love the "inside story."

Oh, weddings. The problem with weddings is that it's not just your party--spouses are involved, parents, parents-in-law, etc., and everyone takes it too seriously. Oh well. Mine still ended up fine and I didn't even look at the photos closely enough to see if I had any zits, which I'm sure I did! But all in all I like your "spend it on the honeymoon" advice.

Nora Roberts (romance author extraordinaire) has a series out now on four women who plan weddings -- one is overall general, one does the baking, one does the flowers and the 4th is the photographer. It, too, gives a look at (very!) high-end weddings. I agree with you; it's stressful and planning it is not particularly fun at all. Save the money and buy a house. But I do agree with you it's fun to get a look at how other people live through their memoirs. "Free Sex, Expensive Therapy" takes a look not at a job (though I'm going to look for this photographer one) but at a time, when sex was seemingly free but came at a high cost in self respect. It's really a memoir about her transformation but it's honest, very readable and written with a nice light touch, despite the serious topic. See http://judithsage.com

I just picked up one of those Nora Roberts wedding books (for a different project), so I was tickled to see your suggestion here. I've never read a Roberts so I'm very interested to try one.

And thanks for the tip about the memoir; it's been a while since I read one!

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