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15 July 2010


Welcome back! I was starting to go into withdrawal; I need my daily CR fix.

Ah reading and beer, does it get any better?

Yeah you're back! I just may drag myself out to the beer garden Friday night, this sounds like a must have on the bookshelf. Love the quote, hopefully he sell lots of books and he can treat to you a few cold ones :)

Thanks for the kind words! I'm very glad to be somebody's fix--I'm a cheap habit. :) I won't be all the way back for a while but it's time to get back to it, I think.

Well, I might say books and old fashioneds, or books and martinis, but there's nothing wrong with books and beers, either.

Yes, there's a lot of funny quotes like that throughout the book. I know he's quite an amusing person, but that doesn't guarantee you'll be amusing in writing. He manages both!

I was trying to decide if I could drag myself out to the garten. Depends on if the mercury can force itself below 85 for the night, I suppose. I refuse to step foot outside when it's above 85. :) If I can overcome my natural lazinesss maybe I'll see you out there!!

I, too, was jonesing and am happy for this CR post. Now go get those dandelions!

Just for today I will be agreeable. I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit,and try not to improve or regulate anybody but myself.

Yayyyy! Hope you had a great blog-vacation, and I'm soooo glad you're back. The mornings are always a little brighter with a bit of curmudgeonly criticism.

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