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30 August 2010


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omg! i wanted to tell our media studies librarian about this book, and we already own it!! and it's not (yet) checked out. wouldn't this be a great example of a book that college kids wouldn't have to read only in a scholarly way?

This is totally one of those scholarly type books that doesn't read like one. I wish it had been around lo those many years ago when I was a film major for a couple of semesters. Instead I spent all my time writing long moony papers about James Dean and Montgomery Clift.

Do college kids today even know who John Hughes is, or have they seen his movies? Man, I have no idea what the Millennials have for pop culture.

I wondered the same thing about whether the young kids know about John Hughes, but the media librarian is pretty up on what the millenials are up to (she is way closer in age to them than I am). I wonder if some of the film classes are showing his work. To watch Ferris Bueller for a credit - oh, yeah!

I can't see you writing about James Dean and Montgomery Clift. They aren't British!

I might be the last person in her 40s who has finally watched the film, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff?" I'm not sure why it took so long, but I can't stop thinking about it. I'm glad I'm not invited to anything!

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