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20 August 2010


I really liked "The Quality of Life Report." I'm thinking I'll enjoy this book. What's not to like about the City of Angels?

Thanks for the reminder, Sherry, I've got to read that novel yet.

Oh, well, L.A. People who don't like hot weather don't belong in L.A., that's all. I feel more of an affinity with the east coast--better mass transit, more cities available along that mass transit corridor, actual seasons, etc. I'm annoyed by car traffic here in the Midwest--I don't think I'd last long in L.A.!!

I was born in Los Angeles in the Queen of Angels hospital but I much prefer northern California. And love San Francisco. If you are hot weather avoidant, SF is the place for you.

I live near Los Angeles. I like it well enough, when I go there. Every city has its unique charm. But I agree with Sherry, San Francisco is beautiful. It is much smaller than L.A., it has a great mass transit system and people actually live IN the city. And it doesn't get too hot.

She lost me at house for $450,000.

I have seen SF and agree with you that it is a beautiful city. But even up there....there is something too "sprawling" about California for me. Being born in a smaller state must just have formed my brain for a smaller sense of scale or something. But I certainly wouldn't mind vacationing in SF again...

Oh sure, I know every city's got something going for it. And I loved visiting Hollywood and just seeing LA. But to live there? I took a shuttle bus from LAX down to Long Beach and remember looking down at the endless lanes of freeway and just laughing...I wouldn't last there for five minutes.

Well, sure, that's just a tad (ha) outside my price range too. Part of that is what's interesting--she's very rueful about buying in an expensive city at the height of the real estate market, which was just unlucky timing. She lost me at more of the interior decorating stuff--I can't think of anything more boring than choosing the pulls for my kitchen cabinets or drawers.

I found this column very entertaining, and on this very subject.

Thanks for the link, Mary! I'm off to check it out right now, I love delaying work by reading magazine articles. :)

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