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12 August 2010


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Hi CR,

You grew up Catholic, right? Were Protestant churches "banned" for you too? I grew up Methodist and there was never any issue about other churches, as long as they were Christian I suppose. I was allowed by my parents to go to my friends' churches and youth groups (Baptist and Presbyterian).

This sounds like an interesting book, but alas I will probably never read it...well, I will keep it in mind. I would like to know the author's take on the megachurches, because they give me the creeps.

Hi Ruthiella,
I did grow up Catholic, and although there was some discussion about Protestant religions, I don't remember that being as much a focus as it is for some people. For the most part it wasn't really discussed--there was some talk of "the one true church" and all that but I also remember my mom saying she went to grade school with a lot of Lutherans and everyone got along just fine. The Catholic church has always made a lot of sense to me (although we have our disagreements) so I've never really felt the need to explore other churches for myself, but I'm primarily a live and let live kind of gal where people's religions are concerned.

I did like this book. I thought it was both more interesting and more thoughtful than Gina Welch's "In the Land of Believers." Even when Shea wasn't getting a great vibe from churches (including some of the megas) she was still thoughtful about dissecting what other people might find there.

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