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13 September 2010


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When I saw this book come into the library, I had to fight another coworker for it. Sadly, he won. He wanted it for the science, I wanted it for the author.

I really enjoyed Stiff. I enjoyed Spook, and I didn't finished Bonk (after awhile, the novelty of the subject wore off and I was just done).

I hope that Packing for Mars doesn't follow the downward relationship I have had with her books. I really like popular science books so my fingers are crossed.

This restored my faith in Mary Roach. Stiff really engrossed me, but Spook and Bonk didn't.

I liked the poop parts. I also was tickled by the different tests countries would set for their potential astronauts - all those paper cranes!

You weren't turned on by Bonk. LOL

Oh good, since I enjoyed Stiff but loathed Spook and had a suspicious I'd feel similarly about Bonk. So, on to the TBR list it goes! Still, she's not my fave science author.

Just started this one tonight. Amazingly I have not read her before, but she is really quite good.

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