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09 September 2010


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Have you ever learned so much about a writer that you stopped liking his or her books? I suspect I might, but I can't think of anyone. if I like someone enough, I think I would make up excuses to keep reading them.

I think I'll read that next. Thanks.

Well, Ms. CR, somehow I didn't know you were a Ray Bradbury fan (how did I not know that?) Anyway, have you seen this? I hesitate to assault your delicate ears, but I can't resist. You are at least 18 years old, right?


To Tripp’s question: I can’t think of writer where his/her personal life has impaired my ability to like a book. Ayelet Waldman comes to mind, not that I have read anything she has written. Authors generally aren’t as publicized as Hollywood types (I know a few people who won’t see a Mel Gibson and Woody Allen film due to their off-screen antics).

Wasn’t there some white supremist who wrote (under a pseudonym) a well loved children’s book?

Hmm, Education of Little Tree maybe?


"Education of Little Tree", that's the book. Thanks. I have never read it however.

I was thinking this weekend that I have heard negative things about Saul Bellows and I read that his biographer by the end of the biography had developed a hearty dislike for the man...So I think I might use this knowledge to avoid his books in the future ("The Adventures of Augie Marsh" was torture for me to read for the most part).

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