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07 September 2010


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Ha! Kitties with ties and briefcases! I love animals with careers. If only we could train our pets to chauffeur us around.

I'm in love with a new manga series called Neko Ramen by Kenji Sonishi. A former kitty fashion model starts his own ramen shop. It's very cute. I have a terrible time reading from right to left, tho. My brain really needs to work at it.

Oh, Molly, Kitty Chauffeurs! Like Toonces the Driving Cat! How awesome would that be, seriously?

Thanks for the manga series suggestion--I've always wanted to read something manga-ish but have never gotten around to it.

My husband also complains about the canine freeloaders. I'm trying to convince him that if I stayed home I could work on their modeling careers.

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