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08 September 2010


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I haven't seen the movie, but I did like the trailers so I bought the book for my library. I didn't get very far into the book before I quit reading. I'll be waiting to hear what you think of it. Now I"m going to see if I can put the movie in my Netflix cue.

I'm glad to see someone still talking about this one. I saw it twice in the theaters and loved it. I should buy it on dvd too. Thanks!

Now I'm REALLY curious to try the book! The movie may not be for everyone either, but it surprised me in bits, and I'm always pleased when a movie can do that.

Yes, I'd like to watch this one again sometime--I'm glad you liked it too. It's also directed by the same guy who did "Thank You for Not Smoking," (I think), so now I'd like to see that movie as well.


I watched this last weekend, and the ending made me so sad. I'm not a big movie person, but this ending hit me hard. Maybe if I didn't think it was so make believe.

My husband who travels a lot related to this movie which makes me just a little worried if I knew my husband could actually tell a lie or keep something from me...

I agree with Venta - I was sad! Loved the protege played by Anna Kendrick (?) - "I'm typing with purpose".

I thought this film truly deserved its Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Best Director too, I believe. Such a beautifully edited film. Great performances by everyone in the cast. It earned a "see this film" from me.


Well, the ending's kinda what I liked. Seemed more real. I didn't want them to take the easy way out, and I was rather pleased when they didn't.

Don't worry about your husband. I just don't get the feeling he's the type of guy who could lie to you. I would guess he was more likely relating to the feeling of not minding the limbo of airports and hotels--I'm not a big traveler myself but I too rather like that untethered feeling. I related to a lot in this movie and I could never lie to Mr. CR. I've tried, and it never goes well.

Ha, I liked the protege too. But man, when she made the man in Detroit cry and then had to keep working through the entire list...who could do it?

I fully agree. Beautiful all around, and NOT 2 hours, which all recent films seem to think they have to be to be taken seriously. I'm a big believer in the tenet that if you can't tell your story in 90 to 100 minutes (for the most part) something's wrong with your screenplay.

I loved this movie, far far more than I thought I would. I confess I haven't read the book (it just didn't appeal), so I went into it expecting it to be meh (with nice GC eye candy and was very pleasantly surprised. Always nice when it happens.

Well, she learned that she wasn't cut out for that kind of work, AND that she should follow her bliss and move to San Francisco instead of being stuck in Omaha with her cheesy boyfriend.

Oh, there was definitely something wrong with this screenplay. The movie was completely pointless and devoid of any substance. No plot, no story, nothing holding the movie together. I kept wondering where things were going. Then I kept wondering if the film would ever end. 100 minutes, you say? Christ, it felt like five hours.

It's no wonder the American film industry sucks, if crap like this is being nominated for Best Picture. You want a good drama, watch "The White Ribbon."

Just finished watching this movie. One of the best I've seen in awhile and Hubs was pleased it was under two hours. There were some really good lines plus a couple of surprises. Coincidentally my hold came this week at my library. Without your timely review I may not have watched it.

Thanks for the dissenting opinion. This is very interesting, actually--you'll notice lots of people who have liked it here have been women. I wonder if that has anything to do with anything?

Of course there was no story. How perfect. How like life. Do all your work stuff, sometimes meet someone interesting or have a slightly less-than-ordinary experience, then back to the shit of real life and more work stuff. Rinse, lather, repeat. I'd be lying if I didn't say that's what I loved about it--and I still give it credit for not going for an easier romantic ending, which I feared it would.

Thanks for the "White Ribbon" suggestion, I will look into that too.

Oh, and Brandon:
Do you think this movie failed on character development too? I thought that was its real strength. It's so rare to see one interesting female character in a movie, I was floored that this one had two. Maybe that accounts for our differences in opinion on it as well.

I loved this book - in part because I'm on the road 75% of the time so it was a lot of OMG YES and maniacal laughing. I didn't realize it was based on a book, so I really must find that!

I put this on the top of my Netflix list and when it came could not remember why. Now, seeing your post, it all becomes clear. I am not a fan of Clooney and usually steer clear of his films. I loved this and luckily did not quite realize how much firing and downsizing footage there would be — having been downsized myself a couple of years ago. I loved all three main characters and the fact that I did not know how it was going to end. Nice to see a contemporary movie that did not have an expected, cute ending where everyone got together. Thanks for the recommendation!

And congrats on the new little reader in your family!

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