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27 October 2010


Thanks. I had missed these titles by Athill. They sound like books I would enjoy.

Maybe you were from England in another life. Our DNA retains code from our ancestors all the way back to single cell organisms. If you are on English descent, you were from there. Perhaps the code retains some homing instinct for places past.

Hey CR, this looks fun, thanks. I am in the middle of Connie Willis's Blackout/ All Clear duology which is great fun for the Anglophilia as well.

I just bought Instead of a Letter, and the dvds of Lewis have just arrived from Netflix. You read my mind, me thinks. :<)

I do think you'd find these memoirs interesting. Evidently there's another one, "After the Funeral," that I'm going to read next (after I re-read "Somewhere Towards the End." Let me know what you think!

Yes, I like Athill. She's got an interesting way of bringing you in close, yet I don't really feel like I know her at all, which is great. If you can follow that logic. Sort of like the more you get to know people close to you the more you realize you'll never know them at all, in the best possible way.
I'm making no sense, but that's the feeling I get from Athill's memoirs. She reminds me of Joan Didion, in a way.
Been meaning to read Connie Willis; thanks for the reminder!

Wow, are you in for treats. LOVE that Detective Sergeant Hathaway.

South Central Library system has 7 copies and 31 holds. I think they are all the result of this post! Looking forward to reading it down the road when my name comes up on the list. And yes to the Inspector Lewis series. So different than Morse; better from both personality and emotion standpoint.

Have you seen the Morse mysteries? I've been thinking we should watch them, as we're enjoying the hell out of the Inspector Lewis mysteries. But maybe the Morse ones aren't as compelling?

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