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28 October 2010


I have this on the "wait" list at the library. Enjoyed his interview on Comedy Central. Maybe because I write about a dark era, I get tired of a lot of the uplift/cheery "self-help" books.

This sounds good right now. Been in a bit of a reading funk of late.

I'm sure I'd enjoy this one. Yo! Where's my wishlist?

Ooh, thanks for the tip. Must go find his interview on Comedy Central. Is it at their website or on YouTube, I wonder?

I know I enjoyed it, and I didn't have much of a banner summer for finding good NF either.

Do give it a try, or his earlier collections, Fraud and Don't Get Too Comfortable. Both good bitter but still kind essays--good stuff all around.

I too loved Rakoff's Daily Show interview and almost forgot about adding his book to my reading list.

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