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03 October 2010


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I don't remember having time or energy to read anything during the first year! Isn't it wonderful that your baby wants to be held? I don't want to spoil things but in a scant decade, he won't like it as much. ;)

I really feel for you! Breastfeeding a "womanly art"? I probably would have burned that book when I hit the cracking/bleeding stage! It does get better though.

Relax, enjoy & don't worry about us...we'll be waiting...Wendell Berry, I'll have to remember that.

Awwww, congrats. I am one of those who don't have the proper clue abt the actuality of your current 'experience' but am cheering you on for good sleep (and good reading) caught when possible and many joys of holding and cherishing a new baby. New babies smell so cool.... :)

You're doing amazingly well just to be able to read and form complete sentences at this stage!

From someone who's been there, done that: Take mini-naps (or meditate, or rest however you can) every time JR goes down for his naps, and every time you can talk someone else into holding him. Trust me, if you learn to nap on demand your life will be much easier and you'll recover more quickly!

whose baby is now 22 but who still remembers stumbling around in a stupor for the longest time because nobody gave her that advice

It gets easier, and fairly soon. I remember at this stage thinking I would never do anything for myself ever again, including reading. Then I became nostalgic.

The Womanly Art is actually an excellent book and I'm glad you found it. My favorite advice from that book is the part about not making your bed so that it's easier to just get back in it during the day when you and the baby need to sleep.

The other good thing about nursing is that you can hold a mass market paperback in one hand and the nursing baby in the other. Bigger hardback books are more difficult to hold with one hand, so you have to go for the cheap trash. Romance novels! Mysteries! Fun fun.

Keep up the good work!

I second the nursing and reading (aloud). It took me a while to get this coordinated, but it really saved my sanity. And it builds Jr.'s language development. I didn't think I would ever read again. Thank you, Boppy! You're my best friend.

Best advice: sleep when the baby sleeps.

I always found an all-night talk radio station helped during the 3:00 am feeding. It made me feel that I wasn't the only person in the world awake at that hour. Of course 21 years ago you could get radio talk that wasn't political rants. Perhaps audio books would help.

Downloadable audiobooks for "work" or pleasure.

I don't speak from personal experience, but enjoy it while you can. They're busy little creatures, what with the growing and the doing and the being.

CR Jr is still a little young, but I highly recommend "Child of Mine" or ANY book by Ellyn Satter for child nutrition. Also, I work with a developmental clinic and we always tell parents to read aloud to their kids. Whatever you are reading; content isn't important. The paper, the mail, anything. My niece loved poetry as a baby.

So, are you reading Wendell Berry aloud to CRJr, or is it just that you are reading it to yourself at 3 am?

As someone who writes about a young farm family, I too have discovered the comforting tone of Wendell Berry.

Watch out for that lack of sleep. Sometimes when you feel sad or upset, it's just sleep deprivation talking.

Glad to see you writing again. I remember bringing Laura home from the hospital and thinking "now what?" even though we had read bunches of books and attended classes. Somehow attending one thing at a time got us through the initial weeks. Neither Bonnie or I got much reading in for awhile.

I also remember holding Laura on my hip and just kind of swaying or bobbing for hours. She needed a lot of holding. She turned out well so it was worth the effort.

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