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24 October 2010


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Thanks CR, I just ordered it for the library! How did I miss this one? I'm so glad you chose to profile it today ~

I am overjoyed to see that this work of Mr. Berry's is connecting as powerfully with other people as it did with me. I purchased it without any hesitation after I had to return the library's copy.

The quote from the book plus your recommendation equals a hold request for me! Thanks.

You've convinced me, though that's not hard to do with a Wendell Berry book. I so need this to help me remain sane and possibly even hopeful given our times.

I missed it myself--I came across it by accident when browsing the library catalog!

That's exactly what Wendell's books do--you feel like you connect with them. Powerful, and fitting, as much of his argument is about connecting with the land and with other people in an economy (rather than with machines or things).

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

Oh, you're right. Really all I have to do with a Wendell Berry book is share the fact that it's out there and then get out of the way. His writing does all the convincing necessary. I wouldn't say it gave me hope--I'm too far gone in pessimism--but I did find it comforting on many levels.

CR, just finished The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle, who lived cash free for a year. He foraged for food, composted his own waste (his OWN waste) and rode his bike and hitchiked everywhere. His extreme lifestyle would not be easy to duplicate but it really made me think about what is absolutely necessary and what luxurious lives we have and take for granted. Its somewhat preachy in parts and he totally addresses the idea that this isn't for everyone. It has short chapters perfect for late night reading, I'd be interested to see what you think...

"Free markets" aren't free. Even Adam Smith knew that! Why don't more people?

Thanks. My reading list gets longer.

I saw that book reviewed and thought, I'll have to get it. Now I will fer sure. I'll let you know what I think! Thanks--

Amen, sister. Because people believe what they want to believe, and all Americans want to believe that they, too, can be rich rich rich.

My pleasure. Bump this one up toward the top, especially during this stupid election season.

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