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02 November 2010


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Not to add to your craft addiction, but you really should check out TipNut DOT com -- they offer a daily email highlighting all sorts of DIY resources, and it's quite interesting as a nostaligic overview of some long-forgotten styles (remember the "Monday wash day, Tuesday ironing" phase? stuff like that ~)

If Mr. CR is a student of pop culture, he might enjoy it too.

Oh, holy wow, I have to find this book. Does it have the breast scarf in it? That is one of the most horrific works of craft I have ever stumbled across; I still cackle when I think of it!

Oh, Lynne, I actually have an ANTI-craft addiction; I'm not DIYourselfy at all. (My motto is actually GSETDI--get someone else to do it.) Although I do have a weakness for dish towels emblazoned with the days of the week and their corresponding chores. :)

You DO have to get this book--it's a lot of fun. No breast scarf, as far as I can see, but there is a stuffed vasectomy doll.

Regretsy is fantastic, as is People of Walmart, Awkward Family Photos, Cakewreck, and Lamebook. Ahh...the joys of the internet.

I don't know whether to thank you for or to cry about People of Walmart. It is SO. AWESOME. In a car-crash kind of way.

Amy Sedaris has a new book on crafting! I am so waiting to read that one! I also read an article about blogs that parody the home design blogs. I'm so happy that I am in the forefront of the "who cares what your house looks like..." trend especially since we just adopted two kittens.

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