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16 November 2010


Both of those quotes make me want to read her memoirs. Thanks!

Thanks for the original recommendation and the further thoughts. I think you're a true straight-shooter.

Thank you so much for introducing me to Diana Athill. "Somewhere Towards the End" was on the shelves at my library and I took it home and started reading this morning during breakfast. After chapter one I'm smitten with her. Would love to have sat down and chatted over a cup of tea with her.

Do pop back in and let me know what you think of her books!

Thanks. It takes a straight shooter to know one. :)

I'm SO glad you liked it! I'm totally smitten with Ms. Athill too. I'm on the waiting list for two of her other memoirs and I can't wait. Let me know what you think of her other books if you try them.

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