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06 December 2010


Thanks, CR. I agree that I like that he can smile. It makes him seem like less of a ideologue and lets me trust him a little more.

I like it too. I don't know how he CAN smile, but hey, okay. The day before my friend told me he unnerved her with his cheeriness, I had said to Mr. CR, how does Matt Taibbi know all this and stand it? Maybe he doesn't believe it's all hopeless, which would be nice.

Maybe he can smile because he knows how right he is - he did his homework - and he'll shred anyone foolish enough to argue with him.

Taibbi has been on MSNBC a lot lately as a guest on different shows (e.g., Rachel Maddow). I think he stays so chipper, because he has a wonderful sense of humor, and it's not always sharp. I still laugh when I think about scene from The Great Derangement when he tells his church group that his father was a clown who beat him with his flipper. Even when I read his blog (wonderful!!!), and he writes about the chaos and corruption, I still get to laugh. He throws in lines that are just hilarious. For example, he talks about America's new fascination with Ayn Rand although no one has ever read her. Obviously, I'm not as funny, but read his blog!

His blog at Rolling Stone, Venta, or is there another one I don't know about?

Yup! The blog at Rolling Stone! Sorry about that. I wasn't being a good information specialist!

Truly astounding, fantastic book. Hunter Thompson would have been thrilled to write anything half as good as this -- not counting, of course, Thompson's wicked masterpiece FALILV, which takes place in a city even more soaked in cheap money than DC.

Incidentally, Griftopia makes me wonder how Rachel Maddow still manages to go to work and talk as if the world was all about Good Democrats versus Bad Republicans. Of course it's true that the current Republicans are as close to flesh-eating political zombies as a human being can get, but it seems that at least half the Dems in office can only envy the Republicans their easy access to corporate payoffs.

Can you believe I've never made it through Thompson's FALILV? I think I've read some of his sports journalism stuff, though, and really enjoyed it. Perhaps this is the year I pick up Las Vegas.

Yes, well, Maddow is really just the flip side of Fox News, isn't she? They all know that nuance won't play to a broader audience (by definition), and they've got to make a living too.

Glad you liked the Taibbi too. Sad, but fascinating reading.

I'm reading this now. It's brilliant. I wish I could write about it for my library's book blog, but I have no way to adequately describe it. Maybe I could just stitch together some long excerpts and call it a review?

I don't think it matters what you do as long as you DO post something to your library blog about this book, and/or Taibbi in general. He needs more readers!
Yes, it's a brilliant book, but brilliant sad. It should be required reading in high schools, actually, although that might depress the poor little kiddies before they even start their adult lives.

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