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02 December 2010


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This sounds quite interesting for myself! I don't have any specific curiousity about the space program, but I love science books and history that looks at individual stories. :) Although the lack of index in h/c is incredibly annoying, so I hope my library has the paperback!

I really enjoyed reading this book, I must say. I think I liked it even better than Mary Roach's "Packing for Mars," which is another good accessible book about space travel, but this one had a nice mix of personal details and interviews AND nitty-gritty space mission details (including all the milestones that had to be passed before a moon landing was possible, like basic space walks and the like).

How do you get the job of indexing a book? That sounds like my dream job!

Dave O,
Well, it is a job I enjoy. But, I also went to library school (where I took an indexing course) and did the USDA indexing course by correspondence, neither of which were cheap. And then there's the matter of begging publishers for work, in an era when they are paying fewer editorial staff less, and also in an era when print books may be coming to an end (and no one can quite figure out how to index e-books yet). But--I'd happily talk over the biz with you if you want; my email's realstory@tds.net.

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