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04 January 2011


Too much dark and depressing can be hard to take at once. The book does sound fascinating, as do the others that you mention.

Well, you're right about that (too much depressing all at once). I actually caught myself last week understanding why people turn to sometimes saccharine inspirational stuff. The heavy stuff does start to drag you down. I'd still recommend any of these titles, though--just not all at once.

CR, I'm a bit late posting about this, but I read that last year when it first came out and was absolutely fascinated. Do come back to it when you have time, and aren't reading it after early morning feedings. It's incredibly interesting, but not light and uplifting, particularly when she speaks with her father about the incident.

Hm, there must be something off with me, because I loved both Lucky and Strange Piece of Paradise and recommend them to friends all the time.

I'm not exactly recommending a rape book -- and I'm kind of dumbstruck and impressed that you've read so many -- but Our Guys by Bernard Lefkowitz is an excellent piece of nonfiction that is also a strong indictment of the striving suburbs and the worship of young athletes in a small town.

Trust me, I was a little horrified myself when I came up with the list of books about rape I've read. I think it's one of those topics that make me go "eww" and yet I can't look away--and some part of me thinks if I read and understand the issue maybe, just maybe, I can avoid it. I know that's not how it works, but I can dream.
And thank you for the suggestion of "Our Guys"--I'm going to look into it. As I live in suburbia I always like to know what can go on beneath its surface.

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