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21 February 2011


It's seventy-five degrees here. Trade?

...and yeah, that'd totally suck if you had to move to France for half a year. In fact, let's go ahead and plan to save you that inconvenience: if CRjr chooses someplace other than England for his semester abroad, he can have his funky aunt Jessica come chaperone. You get dibs if he does London or community college. Deal?

MMMMmmmm seventy-five degrees. Nummy. Normally I love winter, but really, this year I have just had enough. (CRjr and I want to take some walks!!) Didn't help that this past weekend we got a nice little ice/snow mix that's still wreaking havoc on our roads. Blech.

Okay, if CRjr somehow gets to Paris for his year abroad, I GUESS I can go to Paris. (Only a chunnel ride away from London, after all.) There's nothing to say you can't come and chaperone all of us, though. For one thing, I can't speak French and when I try the basics ("bonjour") people laugh at my accent. One nice museum guard in Montreal said, "It's okay, I speak English" to stop me from trying any more.

CR, have you tried using your books as what you read to CRjr? Up to a certain book, he'll just enjoy that you're reading to him. Go ahead and work through a couple of books that interest you.

Hi Rick!
Oh, I've got no problem finding things to read to CRjr. I for one will NEVER tire of Benny and the Binky, or Boynton's Barnyard Dance. This past weekend we read New York magazine together, although neither of us were in love with the articles about fashion, and we often read our weekly newspaper together. And of course...."This Is London" by M. Sasek. (A great kids' book.) Just to get that British seed planted!!
But thanks for the support. Mr. CR doesn't think highly of reading boring adult stuff to CRjr, but I'm going with the "just likes the sound of any voice" theory at this point.

If CRjr becomes a Rhodes Scholar, I think his tuition at Oxford will be paid. Start prepping him now.

Now that WOULD be dreaming big. Only if CRjr gets Mr. CR's intelligence genes. I barely got into a state school--but that may have been because I kind of forgot to apply to college. Hopefully CRjr is a little more on the ball.

Maybe you should start reading CRJr books like MADELINE IN LONDON . . . or some board book of Paddington Bear . . .

Paddington Bear! Of course...I'll be looking into those. (And Madeleine books as well...)
But for today we got "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. I shelved it at the library a million times and never actually read it. It's awesome!

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