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16 March 2011


So he was born at Yale, eh? This is a terrible thing to write, but I'm tired and cranky - when I read that I was reminded forcibly of stories of women who don't know they're pregnant until they're "pooping" at prom or some such thing.

Bush has not convinced me that he gives a (expletive) about the hundreds of thousands of lives his actions have affected in a BAD WAY. Like a losing-your-son/daughter way, or a being-wrongfully-imprisoned-for-years way, or just a things-are-a-lot-tougher-now way. I can't think rationally about him.

Actually, Robin, he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple (I'm stealing that line from someone-it's the best description of Bush I've heard yet).
Yup, if you're tired and cranky, you're not in the mood to think about this book. (Might I recommend something more along the lines of Vincent Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"?)
Of course Bush doesn't care about the lives he's lost or negatively impacted. When you're rich and secure (and, most importantly--absolutely certain you're RIGHT and your way to live is the ONLY way to live) you don't have to. It's a fascinating lifestyle to me, which is why I keep getting drawn to these works. What must it feel like to be wandering around Texas, not doing much of anything successful, getting embarrassingly drunk at your 40th birthday party in 1986, and then a mere fourteen years later being president of the US? Wild stuff. I can't think rationally about him either but I'm sure trying--because he's not the only one of his type.

Did you get to the part where "Bush" wrote about New Orleans? In interviews he said that was his biggest regret.

Thanks again, CR, for taking one for the team.

Here's the lowdown: he gives Katrina its own chapter--a whopping 25 pages. Of pretty large, well-spaced print. I guess you can't accuse him of padding his material. (I've also learned the index in this book sucks: "New Orleans: 308,313,314-315..." and so on, for 11 undifferentiated locators, and no see also reference to Katrina.)

Here, I can nutshell it for you as I read it:
Basically, he blames Governor Kathleen Blanco for everything;
he's sorry he inadequately expressed his concern;
now that time has passed we can learn lessons from it;
flashback to how his dad dealt with Hurricane Andrew in 1992;
he didn't respond using the Insurrection Act and federalizing the response because the gov. didn't want him to and he didn't want to cause a constitutional crisis;
he helped encourage private-sector giving and he's deeply disgusted by Kanye West's statement that he "doesn't care about black people";
he worked with congress to secure rebuilding funds;
87% of the population has now returned and "public schools that were decaying before the storm have reopened as modern facilities."

So there you have it. Thank God for Katrina, getting N.O. some new schools.

I saw the nut job on Oprah talking about his book and they had an interview with him and his parents, it explained alot. That boy had never been told "no" his whole life and his privileged existence gave him the most powerful job in the world. Democracy my butt. I guess we just have to start getting used to it. Sorry my bitter side is rearing its head alot these days.

Well, Katharine, I always said when he was elected, oh look, we're back to a monarchy. Only took us over a shade over two centuries to get back to family members born into ruling.
My bitter side is always rearing its head. You never have to apologize for that here.

I am currently reading a much more amusing Bush-era memoir..."Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor" by Matt Latimer, who was Bush's speechwriter for several years. I am really enjoying it. A few years ago I tried to read one of the Woodward books on the Bush presidency around 9/11 and it bored me to tears, so I feel your pain!

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