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04 March 2011


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"This is not a book to be set aside lightly. It should be thrown, with great force".

And thanks for the warning.

THANK YOU, Anne. Do you know what review the imcomparable Ms. Parker wrote that in? I quote it all the time and would like to know where it came from.

LOVED. YOUR. POST. Especially this --> "And all I can say is, calm down, lady, you're just going to the inauguration of another shithead politician."

Sometimes it feels as if scores of otherwise sensible people are caught up in a collective delusion.

Well, Lee, sadly, it gave me no joy to be this angry about a certain politician (or this book). I'm saving my next delusion for when Geoff Canada becomes president (see earlier post this week); although I suppose he'd have to become a thieving lying jerk to get elected as well.
When I write my graphic novel about politics, I think, I'm going to actually title it "Thieving Lying Jerks." Or maybe "Otherwise Sensible People Caught Up in a Collective Delusion." Great line.

You are too funny! I read this book in one sitting a couple of months ago, after reading a positive review. My only thought was huh? There was one paragraph I liked on sustainable agriculture, but I didn't write it down and returned it to the library without blogging about it. Now I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

Well, at least it didn't take that long to read, but even so, I'm glad you didn't waste your time either. I was surprised; I'd heard only good things about it myself. But in all fairness, reviewers probably didn't keep my extreme political disenchantment in mind when they were writing their reviews. :)

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