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18 March 2011


Yeah. Whatever, jerk. Boo hiss. I'm sending wishes for better times next week, too, but I think it's going to rain. Every. Single. Day.

Well, Molly, I can handle the rain, but what I need is some better nonfiction.
I'll add my boo, hiss to yours. What made me angry about this title was how utterly unimaginative it was. The only thing it was missing was a reference to making your own coffee rather than paying $4 a day for it at Starbucks, which is my personal favorite and completely tired piece of financial advice. Fine. But what do I do once I'm no longer buying daily coffees?

I guess you start rationing toilet paper? I'm tired of the coffee advice, too. I'm not giving my few lattes up. I just don't get my hair cut.

If you change your name to Crankypants Reader, at least you won't have to change your monagrammed towels etc.

Didn't this guy appear in Supersize Me, talking about how his father and uncle died young from heart attacks from eating all that ice cream?

I hate the same old tired money advice.

All right, I'm a selfish pig, but there are two things I really enjoy and refuse to ration (or will until I am forced to, which is maybe not all that far off): t.p. and a nice long hot shower. I'm a hedonist when it comes to those two things.

Ha, monogrammed towels! If I do have monogrammed towels they have the wrong initials, as they would have been purchased at the Lands' End "not quite perfect" store. :)

Yup, Bybee,
That's him (I didn't remember until I saw that noted on the Amazon page about this book). I don't know how his "Diet for a New America" book is, maybe it's better, but this one is totally blah.

I'm surprised you only said "pooh to that". Of course, that was at the BEGINNING of your rant - excuse me, your post.

And yes, this winter has been TOO DAMN LONG.

Trust me, Sarah, if you'd struggled through any of this book, you'd go on a rant too. And then there's health care--just thinking about how much we pay for health "care" and how little we get, particularly in comparison to other countries--makes my blood pressure rise and I need to use profanity to try to calm myself back down. And the more these types of stupid books get written--acting like any individual can offset the ridiculous costs of health insurance by trying to lower your electric bill a little bit--the more people will keep thinking there are other options than revamping the entire stupid and unfair system. Pooh indeed!!

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