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27 April 2011


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That quote is great! I also can't just pray for "my family." I have to name them all as if God wouldn't know who I'm talking about. This sounds like an interesting book. Just requested it from the library. Thanks again, CR.

This is totally irrelevant to your post except for the C.S. Lewis part but has been making me laugh all day so I'm going to take the opportunity to share:
This morning a patron returns the DVD of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Patron: It was a really good movie.
Me: Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing it. I really like the books.
Patron: Oh, they've got a book out on that? (his exact wording).
And this was not some kid who wouldn't know, either -- it was a guy probably in his 50s.

Yes, Venta, I always remembered this bit, although it's been years since I first read this book. Good old C.S., out there praying for the waitresses. Let me know what you think, okay? Although it takes a little time to read...sometimes you just need to read a few pages and think on them awhile. (I name family members too. I think it's nice. More like you're having a little chat rather than depending on God to mind-read.)

Tee hee. Nice story. It always was funny at the library to hear people express surprise when they found out movies were based on books. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a book? (Slightly different titles, but still...)

I always thought adding something for Lent might be a better approach. Calling one old friend each day, putting flowers on the reference desk, starting an exercise program, or something to make the world better for the people around you. What's accomplished by giving up video games or chewing gum?

I like the idea of praying for people you don't know. It is an act of imagination as well as petition.

Well, I never minded giving something up. It's not a bad idea sometimes to see if you can live a little more simply. What's shocking to me is that I made it about five hours giving up chocolate this year, before giving in...when I was little I often went weeks without it! Sad to realize I had more self-control as a child. But in addition, adding something seems like a good idea too. (I like the ref desk flowers idea, by the way.)
I too like the idea of praying for people you don't know. It seems kind of detached in the best possible way.

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