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16 April 2011


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I lurked through the last two, but I've requested the books and will plan on participating through the coming one. Looking forward to it!

I'm in, too. Had to place an ILL for Birth of Love so hopefully it won't take too long to arrive.

Yay! Finally a Book Menage where my library has both books. I can stop being a Book Menage observer and participate :)

I'm in! My public library also had both books!!

Well, my local library has the Nuland, but neither them nor the library work at has the Kavenna. So I shall ILL it, because I'm very excited for a menage. YAY!

Hi all!
Sorry to have once again picked at least one book that had to be ILL'ed. Kavenna's not a well-known author but she's interesting, I think. So glad you're all in; can't wait for the menage!!

My library owns both, and they're both available! I'm in!

(And, I'm a new(ish) mother as well, so I totally get the appeal of books involving childbirth).

*GROAN* Only because it is you, CR. Count me in. I couldn't be less enthused by the subject, but at least one is fiction. Who knows, maybe I will be happily surprised? My library has the one NF book and I just ordered the Kavenna from Powells (hope you get your %).

Fantastic. The more the merrier!

I'm so glad you'll be joining us. I'm sorry if the topic is one you're sick of, but these are not your typical childbirth books. (At least I didn't think they were; I read both of them pre-CRjr, so I'm really excited to re-read them.) Thank you for ordering from Powell's--both for my kickback and for your support of an indie bookseller. I just hope you aren't too disappointed in them! After this, no parenting books for any future Menages, I promise.

My library has both, as well! Count me in.

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