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14 April 2011


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I'm surprised by your appreciation of Sinatra, but the music is good. Another book that deifies the singer is Frank Sinatra: The Family Album by Charles Pignone. The life long fan edits out Sinatra's first divorce and all subsequent wives. You even see him in social settings with the first wife late in life. No mention of Garry Trudeau's series of anti-Sinatra cartoons either.

Well, I don't know that I appreciate him as a man, but I do love his voice and phrasing talent, and there is something joyful in his acting and dancing (he and Gene Kelly in "Anchors Aweigh" are a lot of fun). I think he had a lot of demons, and I always wonder if some of that isn't necessary along with great talent.

Wow, can it even be called a bio of him if you edit out everything you mention? Geez, must have been kind of a dull read.

What are the chances that you write this wonderful piece yesterday (which I didn't know about) and I post a video of him singing Pennies From Heaven?! I am a HUGE fan. My car and my television are tuned to Siriusly Sinatra. My husband gave me the new biography which I haven't started yet. But I did read The Way You Wear Your Hat, and thought it was fantastic. Happy to meet a fellow fan.

I lived across the street from the Frank Sinatra birthplace in Hoboken for six years, including during the time he died, and that place was the source of some serious pilgrimages -- I've always been a bit enchanted by the whole myth machine around him. I've read a number of Sinatra books (you haven't known the meaning of "if looks could kill" until you've sat on the local PATH train blatantly reading the Kitty Kelley bio) but not the Hamill -- I'll take a look, thanks.

Wild coincidence, huh? Sometimes, I find, you're just in the mood for a little Sinatra. I enjoyed the Way You Wear Your Hat book too; even more than the Hamill, I think.

Hilarious (about living across from the house). I'll bet there were people visiting all the time, huh? (I should know, I once made a pilgrimage to James Dean's home town in Indiana.) Loved your tidbit about reading the Kelley unauthorized bio--honestly, like people didn't already know most of the stuff she was talking about? I find it very interesting that people think their heroes are perfect saints. I think the man could sing, but I certainly don't think he was beyond reproach in other ways.

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