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11 May 2011


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I finished The Birth of Love over the weekend, and I'm now reading The Doctors' Plague. I even used it as an example in a library instruction class on research about how new knowledge is developed. Love this book!

Look at you, way ahead on your homework! :)
I can't wait to discuss these books with you, and all. And so glad the Nuland book worked as an example for your class--very timely! Your class is so lucky to have you--someone who's excited about learning new things herself and then passing them along to others as well.

started Nuland's book last night and am about a third of the way through already. really enjoying it (if that's the word, when reading about pus and death and horrible men probing innocent girls and such). but no seriously, it's really good. it's sucked me right in. looking forward to discussing it in little more than a week's time. i better take notes!

finished Doctor's Plague and am starting Birth of Love tonight. excited for the menage!

I finished both, reading the Nuland book first. May I offer a question? Which order are these books best read? I was very glad I had the background on Semmelweis before I started the Kavenna book but wonder how the experience would be if I read the fiction one first.
Looking forward to the discussions.

Thanks, Beth,
I'm excited too!

Fantastic! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. And thank you for the question--I'll make sure to ask it one of the days.

CR, I've already posted my reviews hoping it would help me retain what I read, keep it fresh. I *really* enjoyed both books - great selections.

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