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09 June 2011


i LOVED bossypants. i listened to the audio and i as literally crying in my car at some points i was laughing so hard. like milk snorting out of my nose funny.

i'm really worried we can't be friends now CR.

Oh, Beth, we can be friends. We'll just have lots of conversational material because maybe you can explain to me what is so funny about Fey. I'm not trying to be difficult. I JUST DON'T GET IT.
Evidently I have to listen to the audio of this book; that's what Unruly Reader did too.

CR, it's not just you. I don't find her all that funny either - and being that she grew up in the Philadelphia area, like me, it is practically sacreligious of me to say so. Everyone I know is reading/has read "Bossypants" and I had the same thoughts as you ... maybe I'd read it to see what I'm not getting. But now, maybe not so much.

Oh no. I’ve never liked a book that you’ve disliked which means I’m not going to like Bossypants either. And I was so looking forward to it. It has been awhile since I read a funny memoir. My husband loves 30 Rock so I catch a few episodes here and there. For the most part I haven’t found her to be funny either. I prefer Amy Poehler’s Parks & Recreation.

CR -- I find it endlessly fascinating when I love something another (trusted) person dislikes (or vice versa). So this is grand!

I'm pretty sure the audiobook makes all the difference. While I was listening, I was certain I was getting the best version *ever.*

That having been said, humor's a tricky thing. And darn near impossible to reader's-advise, so I usually end up stocking people up with lots of different options, hoping that at least one of the books (and the author's sense of humor) will be a good match.

Doggone humor. There are things that make me howl with delight, and other people just go, "Wha...?" : )

I've never thought Tina Fey was funny or particularly talented. Amy Poehler on the other hand is both. I only occasionally watch 30 Rock and it's to catch Alec Baldwin. You are not alone.

I totally do not get the Tina Fey love. I find her bland.

Melissa, Lee, Nancy,
THANK YOU. I feel much better. I was starting to wonder if it was yet another girl/boy thing; I had breakfast with a guy friend the other day who revealed that he actually dislikes Fey. (I don't dislike her, I just don't find her all that hilarious.) So I thought maybe women find her funny and men don't or something.
I agree about Amy Poehler; at least she's kind of enjoyably weird, which is the level on which I enjoy Amy Sedaris as well. "Bland" is a pretty good descriptor word too.

Oh, don't get up on it just yet. DO consider listening to it, but either way, give it a try. There are some bits that will make you laugh. It wasn't that I didn't like it--I just get annoyed because people act like Tina Fey is proof that women can be funny, and I always wish they would find a funnier woman for that proof. In fact I do hope you read it and let me know what you think!

Yup, humor's a tough one. Very mood-driven; I always feel a lot of humor depends not on the humor itself but the mood you're in when you come across it. Unless it's something like Calvin and Hobbes. Then it's just always funny. :)

Hi there, I just wanted to add my two cents that Tina Fey has to be the most overrated "comedian" of our time. Seriously?! She's not even remotely funny. Amy Sedaris - now she's genius funny. Merritt Weaver from Nurse Jackie - funny. Justin Kirk's character on Weeds epitomizes all that is funny and witty and darkly entertaining. Even Hank Moody on Californication. But 30 Rock and Tina Fey? No thanks. I applaud you for standing against the barrage of followers.

Yes, I'd go with "overrated" too, although I'll admit a lot of my problem with Tina Fey comes not just from Fey herself but from the media hoopla around her ("she's the funniest woman ever," etc.), which she can't really help.
Never seen Nurse Jackie, although I've been interested in it--I hear it's dark, dark, dark.

ohhhh, funniest line I have read in a long time: responding to someone who says she doesn't have a funny bone in her body, she pens a letter to them ending with, “P.S. You know who does have a funny bone in her body? Your mom, every night for a dollar.”
COME ON. I am laughing right now just typing that. (Then again, I sometimes have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy, sad to admit!)

Rebecca, I LOVED that line. That woman just cracks me up.

Oh, Rebecca (and Beth):
Meh. Of course, those who know me know I do not like being told what to do. So I think most of my problem with Fey comes from people really wanting me to think she's funny!
It's an okay line. But I think Russell Brand responding to hate mail is funnier:

LOL. I loooove Russell Brand. : )

I agree, the audiobook is great,although I will admit some parts are better than others. Tina reads it herself, and that can be a tricky thing to do, I know lots of authors who are awful at reading their own work. The only place she totally lost me was toward the end where she spent too much time agonizing over having a second child, to me this whole issue should not have been mentioned at all.

Some people think Adam Sandler is talented, I supouse is the same with Tina Fey. I personally find it's humor excruciating.

I guess I find both Sandler and Fey "every now and then" comedians--every now and then, I find each of them funny. (Sometimes Sandler is so over the top I get a giggle--I always think of him yelling at the golf ball in Happy Gilmore: "go to your home! Are you too good for your home??!?") But not enough to seek them out. And most of the time "excruciating" is indeed a better word, especially where Sandler is concerned. Mostly I find Fey too boring to even be excruciating.

Tiny Fey is not overrated as a comedian. She shouldn't even be classified as a comedian. I can't understand what people see in her and the in rest of the cast of Saturday Night Live from the past five years or so. The only thing she has ever done that I find remotely good is her imitation of Sarah Palin, but then again, Sarah herself provided all of the material.

Well, I'm pretty much with you, although I would still classify her as a comedian. Just not one who does anything for me. And I still think the whole Sarah Palin thing, including Fey's strong physical resemblance to her, was more a matter of luck than skill. Who couldn't make fun of Sarah Palin, after all?

There is something about Tina Fey, I can not watch her. She is not funny, and I feel as if she is a mean person, or vindictive or something.

The only thing Tina Fey has going for her is that Adam Sandler is more overrated than her. Both of them represented the death of SNL with it's consistently shallow and repetitive routines. She brings the same crap to 30 Rock: slapstick in words.

Thank you, thank you. Agreed, Tina Fey is not funny! I was puzzled and then suspicious with her rising popularity on SNL, especially performing next to Rachel Dratch (very funny!), and Amy Poehler, no comparison. I feel embarrassed just watching Tina. I eventually decided Lorne Michaels was just getting old or she had something on him or someone else in power was the only explanation. Obviously everyone is afraid to speak the truth about her lack of talent. I know some people who think Mark and Brian are funny too...

(I agree with poster aab's comments above about there being something about her that doesn't sit right.)

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You fucking cocksuckers! Tina Fey is hot and funny! Anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves!!!!

Aunt Blood is the funniest part. It's a play on the ridiculousness of a "subtle" code name like Aunt Flo. Everyone knows what we are talking about.

Huh, I missed a few comments here; sorry about that.

I don't know, I still think something funnier than "Aunt Blood" could have been found. But I've mellowed on Tina Fey--if you find her funny, more power to you.

And to Eric above, well, if you want to find her funny and hot, knock yourself out. Obviously you feel very strongly on this matter.

Agreed! If not for Sarah Palin, she wouldn't be the A-list Wunderkind everyone makes her out to be. It's actually a toss-up between Fey, Louis C.K. Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell as to who is the, "not-funny champion," of American comedy. Who needs water-boarding when you can duct tape a terrorist to a chair and force them to watch these five on a continuous loop. I know I would tell where the WMD's are in a minute.

Well, it's lowbrow, but I get a chuckle out of Ferrell sometimes. It must be his willingness to do anything. And I can live with Poehler, mainly because she isn't heralded as the only funny woman in America (as is Fey). But I can't say I'd like to watch any of the comedians you mention for a real long time. To each their own, I suppose, but you're right, it's the "wunderkind" label that grates on Fey, particularly when "30 Rock" is MADE by Alec Baldwin.

It wasn't "Aunt Flo" because some people might not get the joke. Fey in a nutshell.

That's the last thing the world needs: yet another mother who stands up on stage and whines about "the perils of motherhood" under the guise of their experiences being "funny".

Yeah, you're a woman. You get your period, your period doesn't arrive one day, you're pregnant, you have children, you breastfeed them, blah blah blah. Stop complaining already. It's not has if it hasn't been done at least seven billion times before.

I'd love to see the Tina Feys of the world try to go through a whole ten minutes of comedic prose without mentioning (a)motherhood,(b)menstruation,(c)shopping for clothes and (d)making some "dick joke".

Funny women do exist. It's just that they tend to be the opposite of Tina Fey.

Well, I don't even know that her subject matter is what bothers me--god knows there IS enough material in modern motherhood to keep plenty of comedians busy--I just don't think her jokes on these subjects are that novel.
But perhaps I am just not the right audience. I did, after all, find Seth MacFarlane's "Boob Song" the high point of the 2013 Oscars. All a matter of taste, I suppose.

Tina Fey does nothing for me. She is not funny, she's not even embarrassingly NOT funny, like Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler. She's just not at all interesting. I don't care much for Palin, and I certainly don't care to hear some idiot lampooning her. Tina Fey is liberal poop.

Yeah, that's about where I am too, she just does nothing for me. I was appalled to open a magazine this week and see an ad for her movie "Admission," with Paul Rudd (who I love). Can't see it, though, that would be way too much Tina Fey.

Couldn't agree more. Mark Twain would not find her funny nor think she should get the humor award named in his honor. She is not funny at all - amusing sometimes - sure - modestly entertaining - maybe sometimes. Is she funnier than say her male equivalent - Jimmy Farrel - yes and just barely. He too is not funny.

Thank you for confirming I was not insane and alone in this thinking.

Michael - embarrassingly not funny like Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler has to be one of the better observations Ive seen. I love the family guy bit where Stewie slaps Ferrell for the monstrosity known as the Bewitched movie.

I meant Jimmy Fallon by the way - also not funny.

Well, Craig,
My thanks are all to you for also saying that Jimmy Fallon=not funny. People have raved to me about his singing impressions, but after the first 20 seconds of him sounding vaguely like Neil Young, what more is there? I'd definitely put Fallon and Fey in the same camp of "I just don't see the appeal."

To anyone still uncertain about the humor of the "Aunt Blood" bit--it was an overt and blatantly crass reference to the ridiculously dumb yet widespread and well-known code name "Aunt Flo," which in and of itself is disgusting and not as clever or funny as people who actually say it believe it to be.

While I don't consider Fey to be the greatest comic mind the world has known, I consider her to be quite a wit and applaud her success in spite of millions of people who fall outside her sense of humor's target audience.

And that's how you word statements of opinion. "I consider her to be ...," "In my opinion ...," etcetera. "Tina Fey is not funny" is not a statement of fact. It is a statement of opinion presented as fact.

"To each one's own," said the man as he kissed the woman.

Yeah, Aunt Flo, Aunt Blood, I get it, I still don't think it's the height of comedy either way. As a woman I've heard about every euphemism there is for menstruation and trust me, there are funnier ones out there.
I'll give in (especially in light of all these comments) that there's a lot of people for whom Fey's brand of comedy is appealing. I still consider her to be dull. And as far as making statements in the form of "I consider her to be...", well, that's just not as fun as making the blanket statement. And the blanket statement also does better in the Google search ranking, of course.

Tina Fey's version of Sarah Palin is pretentious, over acted and boring. If she is some example of women's comedy, women are in more trouble than I thought.

What bothers me with the Palin impression is how over-rated it is. It's not really all that hard to do, and she only does it moderately well. Julianne Moore did it far better in "Game Change" and Darrell Hammond did a million impressions, and all were very good.

Fey isn't funny. Not in the least. She seems like a good person, though. Just not very smart, and very awkward. It seems like she is a wannabe Maureen Dowd with her views, but far less talented of a writer.

It drives me nuts that she gets as much credit as she does, which is why I am posting. "30 Rock" was a notch better than "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and a notch below "Murphy Brown." In other words, just a ho-hum show.
As for SNL, she admitted in her book that she barely wrote any of the sketches, and the ones she did write fell flat. Pretty pathetic.

All of her films were weak. There were zero chuckles in "The Invention of Lying" and "Date Night." "Mean Girls" not only wasn't funny, but rather hypocritical -- she was being mean to girls. "Baby Mama" wasn't bad, but not all that good either.

Good luck to her, but I try to avoid all of her material.

Good luck to her, but I am not expecting laughs any time soon.

I will add my two cents. Fey is not funny at all. Her humor is largely mean-spirited. I detest 30 Rock, an unfunny show. Funny and clever = Seinfeld.

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