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14 June 2011


Blech--Naipaul is such an ass. I have hated him ever since having to read Guerillas in a Contemporary Novels class. The tampon scene was the worst. I love that, according to your article, Athill felt that novel "didn't ring true" either.

I'm going back to read your other review of Athill. I haven't read her, but if she sticks it back to Naipaul, then I need to start.

Oh, Phaedosia, do give Athill a try. I love her to death. Consider starting with her memoirs Stet (about her work/life as an editor) or her coming-of-age memoir Instead of a Letter.
I never even got as far as reading Naipaul--just reading the synopses of his novels bores me to death. What I find fascinating is that Athill actually worked with him for so many years, but can still laugh it off when he's acting like a moron. My kind of lady.

Looks like my library has Instead of a Letter--so I'll start with that. Thanks for the recommendation!

CR - thanks for the link and the laugh. I will definitely read Athill (on my TBR list from your previous postings). I will put off reading Naipaul again for a very long time. Nobel LaureASS.

I'll be very interested to hear what you think of IOAL. I love Athill but I think she's a very different memoirist from the types we're used to in the U.S.

Always glad to provide a laugh. Glad old V.S. gives us (and Athill) a lot of material. I've got a feeling that, even if they're smart, most of the Nobel winners aren't people you'd like to get too involved with.

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