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17 June 2011


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What is with the constant silly talk in the books for women? I don't diet all the time, many (most?) women don't, so argh. Does sound like it has some good stuff in this one though so I will add it to my wish list to check it out.

Amy, I couldn't agree more. Why these writers think we women have to have analogies to understand finance, I'm not sure. I think they perceive that women often aren't interested in finance, and therefore are trying to make it "relatable," or something.
Let me know what you think of this one. I want to re-read it and see if my initial impression that it was pretty good holds up.

My interest was piqued at the one Unruly liked.

Yes, Bybee, I'm interested to see that one too. I'm still on the waiting list for it!

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