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13 July 2011


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I'm thrilled that you liked this one. I remember liking it instantly when I started it, but agree that the ending was too abrupt. If I remember correctly, this is Berry's first novel, so it is certainly impressive in that way, and is perhaps why the flawed ending. If you in fact liked the strange bits of this, I'd also recommend I Kill Giants, by Joe Kelly, which was one of, if not my favorite book of 2009. http://amzn.to/ngtnay and baby steps are better than no steps! I just started reading, and enjoying, some historical fiction for the first time possibly ever, so I know the feeling of baby steps ;)

Yes, I really did enjoy both of the GNs, actually. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm going to go back and try to find the rest on your original list, eventually.
What historical fiction titles are you enjoying, if I may ask?

well i'm "sort of" enjoying 22 Britannia Road, a debut by Amanda Hodgkinson which takes place in England immediately following WWII. and i LOVED Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, which takes place at an English colony in New England int he 1660s. highly recommended.

Thanks Beth-
Unfortunately WWII is one of my "deal-breakers"--a subject I simply will not read any more about--but that's good to know about the Brooks novel. I actually liked "People of the Book" so I may have to try "Caleb's Crossing" as well! Thanks!

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