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19 July 2011


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Love Love Love the Matt Taibbi week!!

I hope you'll be including the great quote from his blog about Rupert Murdoch and the state of journalism.

Taibbi does some great stuff. I have a little insight into why more of the mainstream print media is not doing the same kind of reporting. My husband is pretty involved in the banking issues here in DC--his organization had been pointing to the coming meltdown years before it happened and no one would listen. Even when the signs got too obvious to ignore the msm just wasn't putting any really focus into getting to the bottom of it. The problem is that newspaper staffs have been so decimated that reporters just aren't given the time and resources to actually research a story. So, unfortunately reporters go to sources (like my hubby) with a narrative already in their head and a story almost complete and then they can't cope with information that doesn't fit their preconceived narrative. It is frustrating beyond belief. And then Taibbi comes up with the goods and the establishment tries to paint him and his reporting as somehow suspect when he is doing the job they all should also be doing! Grr.

If you're happy, I'm happy. :)
I'm guessing you're referring to his latest blog article about Murdoch?
Although I must say in that one my favorite (sad) quote is:
"But I suspect already that the opportunity to draw real lessons from this affair is going to be missed. Even if Murdoch and News Corp. go down, the basic problem that he represents is going to remain."
The whole post is interesting.

Thanks for the insight. Take it from me--I have a journalism degree and I am so thankful I don't work in print (or any kind) of journalism. What a brutal few years it's been to try and build a career in that as thousands of jobs are cut. And frankly, I always wonder if, just like people get the government they want, they also get the mainstream media they want. I don't know that that's all the journalists' fault. After all, they now have to write what sells too. This is what amazes me about Taibbi--how does he keep track of all this stuff? His writing's so smart (or so it seems to me) and he's so up on other people's coverage of events, he must only be getting like two hours of sleep a night or something. I don't get it.

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