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20 July 2011


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Is it logical for Taibbi to point to incivility as a problem when It sounds as though he relishes strongly worded attacks?

That's an interesting thought. But I think there is a difference between swearing and strongly worded attacks that are backed up with reason/cause and basic incivility. I'm trying to think of an example...okay, I think it is more rude of someone (okay, probably a Republican) to recruit poor people for the military by offering them dental care and a sandwich and then send them to die for no cause, than it is rude to call that someone an asshole. The former is more dissembling, that's for sure.
But you say potato, I say potahto. Personally that dichotomy doesn't bother me because I do swear a lot and am not apposed to strongly worded attacks, but yet I try never to be uncivil to, say, waitstaff or people like that. What's more civil: to be pro-war and say you love people, or to dislike people sometimes but still try to be antiwar?
If that makes any goddamn sense. (You know I had to swear a little bit.)

HB to you too CR.

Thanks, SWG! I'll be meeting Thomas for drinks later. He's paying. :)

War is definitely uncivil in every sense, even when supposedly rational and impersonal. Not a good way to solve any problem. I think I it probably always causes more problem. Harsh words aimed at those who push violence and injustice are justified. While strong arguments with strong words may rally allies, they hardly ever sway enemies. This is a sad world.

I think we can very much agree that war is uncivil, and that the world can be sad. Wouldn't have to be so sad; but then again, I'm surprised sometimes by how much joy is in the world too. We need to find ways to up the joy quotient; maybe trying to be more civil to each other would be a good start.

A sad world in which I mostly float along happy. It doesn't always make much sense. But it keeps me far from despair. I usually find some joy in kindness and the thoughts of friends. Thanks.

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