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16 August 2011


Putting in a request for it as we speak. . .

You MUST come back and tell me what you think of it. I honestly don't know if I should be telling people to read it or not.

The South "lost" (you know, the War of Northern Aggression). So it's no wonder that there is an underlying theme of loss to this memoir.

This does look interesting -- I've been living in the south, sort of, for more than 20 years though South Florida is south of the south in a lot of ways and is definitely populated with a lot of northern ex-pats. I grew up in a rural community, too, in New England -- we weren't farmers but there were farms all around and we had goats and horses and raised a lamb every summer for slaughter. My grandmother, who lived with us, did a lot of canning and preserving, too. You know what kills me? I could do all kinds of useful things when I was 10 years old -- under the guidance of a wise, kind and skilled 4-H leader but still, I did them -- that I absolutely couldn't pull off now. Just kills me. I'm going to put this book on my list. Unfortunately it's a very long list that gets longer almost every time I read this blog ...

Yeah, I guess I didn't think of that. Although Bageant often does mention the underclass getting used as fodder for a lot of wars. I think that's true, sadly. That'd be enough to piss me off too.

Do let me know what you think; you've got more Southern insight than I do. And I totally know what you mean about being able to do stuff at ten that you couldn't do now--that's me all over. When I think about what my Mom knows how to do compared with what I know how to do...pretty humbling.

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