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09 August 2011


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wish I could explain... I think the world is heading to hell in a handbasket, and we need to all start reading our apocalyptic and dystopian fiction so we know what to expect. I know that's why I like zombie novels so much lately... I need to know what to do when the world finally just freaks out.
But really, I think that the current economy and class wars are reaching a boiling point. scarier than any fiction.

I think you're probably right on all counts. Periodically I try to remember that people have always thought the world is going to hell in a handbasket (no such thing as the "good old days"), and calm down, but it's getting tougher...
Huh, zombie fiction. That would probably be more informative than the business/econ books I read, and less scary than the nonfiction class warfare stuff. Sigh.

The London riots have something to do with police shooting a guy during an arrest. We can infer that the suspect was probably unarmed. I haven't been following it, just remembering Rodney King and guessing what might set people off.

I could probably write an entire essay on how zombie novels reflect the world today, but I just don't feel like doing so. Go read some zombie books. You'll feel a lot better, trust me.

I've never really understood how looting is supposed to make a political statement about violence, but I guess it makes for a nice excuse to score some free merchandise. I'll have to read some more about it.
Well, I'm not really feeling all that bad. Mainly confused. Don't know that zombie books will help with that, although sometimes they can be funny.

I've given up trying to make sense out of people's behavior, especially people in large groups. Remember the riots in Vancouver this year, after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup?

If you want some irony, I think Pearl Jam put it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDaOgu2CQtI

I do remember the Vancouver riots (totally stupid--it's SPORTS, people, for the love of all that's holy), and I'm totally with you in not being able to make sense of people's behavior.
Although I do wonder if everyone recently finds it so easy to riot and tear stuff down because we're increasingly becoming people that don't make anything, ever. So I guess I'm not done TRYING to figure people out--but I'm also never going to be successful at it.

London? Riots? I don't know anything about anything anymore. Ever since the media started all this debt ceiling, sky is falling, we're all gonna die campaign I have stopped watching or reading anything that might be newsworthy. I have given myself up completely to books of fiction, Netflix streaming, and the occasional stalking of ex-boyfriends on Facebook. It's working. I am oblivious to everything and maligned about nothing. Completely and hopelessly ignorantly blissful.

How's the kid?

Amen to that (not turning on the news). I was doing really well until I started listening to NPR while I feed the boy his meals (I alternate with music so hopefully I'm not boring him to death). The other day a gun nut called in during a program on the London riots and said he was appalled no one in London could carry their own guns "to protect themselves." As if shooting all looters on sight is the answer. The British guy who was the guest on the program sighed and said he didn't know much about all that, but he could pretty much guarantee that if there were more handguns in London there would have been more deaths during the rioting, guaranteed.

I found Facebook way more stressful than the news with people I knew posting annoying links (the longtime government worker--also a Republican, ironically enough--posting links about how Wisconsin's new governor Walker was going to save money by cutting all government workers' rights and paychecks pushed me over the edge) and life has been much better since I deleted my account there. I'd totally recommend it.

The kid is awesome, really, he's excellent at eating and sleeping (two of my favorite activities too!) and is crawling around like a madman. He's been really healthy too, knock wood, so I feel like I won the kid lottery with this one. Thanks for asking. :) How're YOU doing these days? Reading any good fiction?

I hate people who use Facebook as a platform to voice their political opinions. There is a nifty little button on fb for people like that called the "hide" button. You press the button and these people go away. It's like magic *poof* gone, then I can go back to seeing what my ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago had for breakfast...that is what fb is for ya know.

I'm glad to hear the boy is doing well, sounds like you are enjoying motherhood. Just don't say the word playdate or start a mommy blog* and we're cool.

I've been reading like a piranha in a public pool. Tearing shit up. Just read a hilarious book by Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I leave you. Loved it, laughed out loud the whole time. Also, been reading all of J. Maarten Troost's travel memoirs. Those are very funny as well, although he has convinced me that I never want to go to China. He makes urban China sound apocalyptic.

*I would totally read your mommy blog.

Sheri, dear,
I don't mind the political opinions, I guess, just the hypocrisy of people who have depended on government largesse for their work all their lives picking on government workers. As Matt Taibbi would say, we're pretty much all government workers now, so let's get over ourselves, shall we? Good to know re: the hide button, but that's way more thought than I want to put into using Facebook. Tee hee regarding the ex-boyfriend's breakfast--although I must say the only person's breakfast I can put a lot of thought into is my own. :)

Hey, good to know regarding the Tropper--I want to read that. LOVE J. Maarten Troost, although "Sex Lives" was really the best.

No worries on a mommy blog. CRjr likes to fly under the radar and frankly I'd hate to hold my mommying "skills" (or lack thereof) up for scrutiny. I figure CRjr will tell his therapist all about me someday, that'll be enough publicity.

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