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23 August 2011


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Thanks for posting about BAND :)

Thank YOU for helping organize BAND!

CR, guess you were pretty seminal in influencing Savvy Working Gal's reading.

The two of you might be interested in the forthcoming GRAND PURSUIT, THE STORY OF ECONOMIC GENIUS by Sylvia Nasar. I'm getting a gally of it. I hope to make the Dismal Science less dismal.

Well, the shout-out from Savvy was very nice, but I think she's good at pulling her reading choices from lots of different and very interesting sources online.

Re: Grand Pursuit, um, you may want to check my review of it in Library Journal. :) I hope it makes the science less dismal for you, but it didn't do much for me, sadly. Let me know what you think, though!

Oh. Maybe that was the issue I never saw (and they've skipped it in posting it to the archives). What about for soft-core economics wonkette wannabes?

The review's not yet in the online LJ archive, and it wasn't in the current issue, so I can't post a link (unless you go into an Ebsco database or something, it's probably there). It was just kind of a "meh" review. I'll post the link if it's ever free online.
If you're REALLY interested in econ, you might be able to struggle through it, but I don't know. I'm kind of interested in econ and I still found it kind of snooze-inducing.

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