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21 August 2011


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** Perhaps you have to be a 22-year old in Paris to have heard of him.

Also, perhaps you could delegate Mr. CR to buy a TV on his own. Radical trust. But put a dollar limit on it.

Well, frankly, looking at his other most-loved authors (Philip Roth? Really? although I DO like Joseph Heller), there aren't going to be a lot of books Ulin and I love in common.

Mr. CR has been told, many times, that he can buy a TV. For whatever reason he hasn't pursued it, and because I'm more than happy with the TV we have, I don't push it. Radical shutting up when I'm ahead, is what I call that.

I thought the same thing. The book was just kind of meh. He did a talk for our library and when I mentioned he was coming on Facebook, my old college English professor responded "I'll come just to throw eggs at him" (apparently not a fan of his L.A. Times column--luckily he didn't turn up). I wanted to enjoy this book, I really did. Oh well.

Oh, good, I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one who was underwhelmed by this one. I think I'm with your old English professor, although I don't know if he merits the violence of egg-throwing. How was the talk he gave at your library?

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