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18 September 2011


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Hey, CR! Using a lot of "fuck"s does sound like Taibbi, but I always had the sense he loved Russia and its people. I think he even played baseball there for a while. That doesn't mean he still didn't hate things not working.

Re: housecleaning. I like to surf the web trying to find ideas how to do it faster than actually doing it.

Yes, I don't think he really hated Russia--I think he probably loved it, and was therefore all the more disappointed when things went wrong. I'll have to rewrite that bit to make it clearer, I think.
Ugh, housecleaning. I've even given up reading books about it.

Citizen -- I know exactly what you mean. I lost track of the plot in a romance audiobook while doing nothing more than mere dusting. Weird. I can *drive a car*, but not dust my house, while doing the audiobook listening thing.

Well, I AM rather relieved to hear it's not just me. And not just NF. I wondered if maybe some fiction wouldn't be easier to follow. I still may try that.
Be careful driving your car while you listen! :)

LOL! I remember turning on an NPR program while sorting and marking baby clothes. Apparently, I could barely manage that because somehow the sharpie ended up in the rocking chair and my daughter found it when she was supposed to be napping and. . .well. . .you can guess what happened next. (At least I wasn't so upset that I couldn't take a picture of the destruction before dissolving into tears.)

Thank you for the lovely thank you note, by the way! That was very sweet of you!

Ha! That's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. I wish my boy would find my Sharpies for me, even if destruction ensued--I seem to keep losing Sharpies. And my keys. And work projects. And my mind. :)
Thank YOU for letting me Skype with you and for the library swag. I'm using the mug as we speak!

I agree with you about Travels to Siberia. It was interesting, but Frazier's reading didn't add to it at all. It drove me crazy how he kept misprounouncing Farley Mowat's name.

Yes, I couldn't believe that after the publishers heard him reading, they didn't decide they needed to go another way. Especially when they heard him mispronouncing Farley Mowat's name! That's just wrong.

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