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23 September 2011


I'm starting to understand that I can't do all the books in the world or even all the ones I read proper justice, so I'm starting to find the idea of guest reviewers attractive. I've got two Brits lined up to take on Enid Blyton.

Susan Kennedy: Thanks for the review. I want to read this one. I'm on a foodie kick.

I listened to Hamilton read this one in my car this summer, I totally agree that she cut it off at the end. There was so much more story to tell. I still haven't figured out if I would like her or not, very quirky person.

World enough and time, I always think about books. There will never be enough world enough and time!
And yes, when your guest reviewer/reader is as good and thoughtful as Susan Kennedy was in this interviewer, guest posting is wonderful! Let us know what you think of this one.

I'd best stay away from it, then. One of my pet peeves, the open ending...when I end a book I want it to end too!

I really liked "The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry", a book about a woman who goes thru the Le Cordon Bleu cooking School in France. I picked the Blood Bones and Butter book up at one point and put it back after flipping through it. Nice to have this summary of it, though.

I liked "The Sharper Your Knife" too...and there's another one about cooking school I can't remember the title of right now that I really enjoyed. And of course I love Anthony Bourdain. But for whatever reason I couldn't get into this one when I tried. I too am very grateful for Susan's summary; it will remind me to try this book again sometime in the future.

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