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26 September 2011


The days are getting shorter. You want to go into hibernation. That's what is happening to me.

I can't go into hibernation, Sarah! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons! (Maybe I should have gone into hibernation for spring and summer, then I could be waking up refreshed now...)

Cara, I am fascinated by this because I recently read Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, a YA novel set in the future (ha!) about street kids who do this exact thing for a precarious living. Here I thought the author was tremendously inventive!

I know, I love them too. Light therapy.

Roberta Cara!
I get a feeling the really good authors are reading a lot more than we think they are.
I've been meaning to read the Bacigalupi novel for ages. Maybe now's the time.

Getting any light with your fall days up nort'? Pretty cloudy around here...

More shipbreaking stuff -- see if you can get hold of Manufactured Landscapes, a documentary about photographer Robert Burtynsky -- and/or see if your local library might just have some of his books (my local community college library does, miraculously) -- he uses a large format camera and takes pictures of industrial sites, including the shipbreaking yards, and they are weirdly, disturbingly beautiful and compelling -- Chinese factories, the Three Gorges Dam building sites, mines, the shipbreaking yards -- all places that are horrible in a lot of ways, especially for those who work and live there, but he somehow turns it into art. The ships are especially stunning.

Earlier you sold me on Langewiesche, and I'm glad! His book "Fly by Wire" was one of the best things I read last year. I love how he wastes not a word. It's a gorgeous thing, his writing.

I'm looking into those suggestions--they sound fascinating. Thank you!

Yes, his writing...let's coin a new word, spyrical, to cover both his spare and lyrical prose, shall we? Do read this one if you haven't yet, I think it's even stronger than "Fly by Wire."

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