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27 September 2011


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yes ma'am! Will run to goodreads and see if I already have her on my tbr (cuz I know you've told me to read something once before if not many times) and then I will check for ebook offerings.

OK - just requested Yesterday Morning from the local library! :)

That's the spirit!
Although you've caught me out--I've not read Yesterday Morning. I was under the impression it was a novel, so I hadn't gotten it yet. Looks like memoir, though, so I'll have to request it from the library. I'll race you! :)

CR introduced me to Diana Athill, and now I'm smitten too. Go out and get something by her - you won't regret it.

All I can say is, YAY! I may not get anything else done in my life, but if I can get a bit more word out about Diana Athill, I will have succeeded.

Thanks for the link to the interview. I love Diana Athill too.

You're very welcome. I'm just tickled to hear Athill's got so many fans!! (She can never have too many.)

Just finished Yesterday Morning - it was good in a pleasant-soak-in-the-sun kind of way. Nothing grand but then nothing grand was really promised. I enjoyed it.

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