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14 September 2011


I'm sure you know there is a just-published book, I MOVED YOUR CHEESE.

It took a decade for library conferences to stop giving workshops on f*(^I)P() cheese and fish.

Um, there WAS a recovery? Enough said.

Thanks, Sarah. Unfortunately all the cheese and fish books seem to be perennially popular (along with the "strength finders"--what happens when all your strengths are no go for making money, I ask) so we have to know about them. Thanks for the heads up.

Oh, there was a recovery all right. Mainly for financial services companies CEOs and up.

Personally, I've never read a business book but Jim Estill (URL below) has read LOTS and blogs about them. Maybe he could give you some leads.


THANKS for the link! I do read business books but there's only so many I can read in a year, so I do need all the leads I can get.

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