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17 October 2011


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I would LOVE to get emails asking me what someone should read! Isn't that what reading is all about? I've never been a fan of "reading" books, and this is just another example of why. His students? Really? Sometimes I have problems with ALA's Notable Lists, but copy and paste that link or the numerous best of lists out there.

Ha - I was reading this (well, trying to) awhile back when you were lamenting the unreadability of books about reading. I couldn't stomach this one, either.

I totally agree. Most librarians (and readers in general, frankly) LOVE getting that question. And so what if someone wants a little guidance on something "good" to read? Who better to know some good challenging lit (which sometimes we want, even if we are reading for pleasure or Whim or whim or whatever) than an English prof?
Frankly, why this guy is an English prof, I don't know, he doesn't seem to take much pleasure in explaining WHY good lit is good lit, and what makes it good.

So glad to hear it, now I know it wasn't just me. I thought maybe I was just being cranky. I couldn't believe how hard I struggled just to get through those first 50 pages! Talk about reading that isn't pleasurable, yikes.

Thank you thank you thank you for saving me the time and blood pressure wear and tear this book would have no doubt provided -- and for another useful reminder of why I went into libraries and not academia. I wonder how much of his attitude toward reading comes from the prevailing academic position toward literature/books/reading -- that you don't do it for pleasure or enrichment but rather in search of fodder to tear apart. The default approach is negative. Who needs it?

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