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03 October 2011


CR, you left out that you have run mini-workshops on the exhibits floor for Libraries Unlimited at major library conferences. I have seen you in action presenting content while fielding audience questions with ease. I've also been a group genre discussion with you (ARRT), and I endorse you as a brilliant instructor.

Thanks for the very nice endorsement, Rick! Coming from the man who wrote the book on biographies (http://www.powells.com/partner/35332/biblio/9781591586647?p_ti), that is high praise.
What are you studying in the ARRT this year? Great organization, the ARRT.

CR, Here is a very tardy response. I was away visiting my daughter without my computer. ARRT is now studying literary fiction. I haven't gone but sent other staff.


Ooh, lit fic. How is everyone (including your staff) liking it?
No worries on the tardiness. Life is too short to live it tethered to computers, after all. :)

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