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31 October 2011


I always always always recommend Shirley Jackson when someone wants something creepifying. She is PERFECT for this time of year. We Have Always Lived In the Caslte is my favorite, but they all work. I mean, she has an award named after her and everything ;)

I DO like Shirley Jackson; that's an excellent suggestion. I read WHALITC last year for the first time and it was capital-c CREEPY.

I also read something spooky called A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness this year; great stuff. And a close friend gave me Rick Yancey's Monstrumologist, which I finally read this year, and that made for a good creepy read too.

You should read "World War Z." I think you'd get a kick out of it, since it's written like an oral history.

I read "Cell" by Stephen King a few months ago. It was okay, he ripped off "WWZ." It's violent, pessimistic, and depressing, even by King's standards. You wouldn't think it was King at all, if you're familiar with his work. The ending really sucks, though.

There's also "The Poet" by Michael Connelly. Frightening book. My heart rate increases just thinking about it.

Dodd, Mead - that is an OLD publisher.

You'll love The Brower's "Five Book Interview" with Ramsey Campbell http://bit.ly/t1S3ST featuring his horror recommendations!

a dear friend keeps telling me and telling me to try "World War Z"--looks like I'll have to now, with you suggesting it as well.

Sorry the King wasn't quite what you wanted. Geez, it's been ages since I read any Stephen King. And can you believe I haven't read any Connelly yet? There's not enough hours in the day for reading.

I know. Sometimes the oldies are goodies.

Thanks for the link! I am in the mood for good horror titles sometimes.

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