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07 November 2011


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Monographs! He deserves to be snickered at.

I did a lot of snickering in library school, Bybee, which probably wasn't nice, but I couldn't help myself.

I've read none of Time's list and only Gladwell on yours. If I needed to take books to a desert island I'd be more likely to take yours than Time's. What are they thinking?

Well, in Time's defense, I don't think they set out to suggest desert island books. Although that would be the only place most of us would have time to plow through the big serious tomes (monographs?) they're suggesting.
I would guess the editors picked at least books they hoped people would disagree with--that sort of thing drives website visits and commentary, and that's what most media is in it for (just so they can stay alive, I suppose).

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