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05 December 2011


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Roger Kahn's "The Boys of Summer" gets my vote as the best baseball book ever. It's about conflict and change in the sport, a tribute to the Dodgers, a history of Brooklyn, and the tragic story of how the team's move to Los Angeles took the soul of Brooklyn with it.

H.G. Bissinger's "Friday Night Lights" is the best book about football and the best about high school sports. He looks at a Texas high school football team as it turns into a dynasty and as the locals lose all sense of proportion.

John Feinstein's "A Season on the Brink," about college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

I could go on ...

I too am surprised that "Time" only listed two books. Why bother having a category for just two books?

Excellent choices, all. I've always wanted to read The Boys of Summer. Perhaps next summer.
Yeah, Time really dropped the ball (pun intended) on this one, I agree!

Please do those extra lists!!

I recently ordered Ball Four. The A.J. Leibling book seems like it would be interesting.

Another enjoyable one is "You Gotta Have Wa", about American players playing over in Japan. Change baseball to teaching English and Japan to Korea and it's my life!

Season on the Brink by John Feinstein. A riveting season with basketball legend Bobby Knight; you will come away loving and hating him. A classic case of someones strengths being their weakness.

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