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01 December 2011


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Didn't Woody Allen also use the word LURRRVE in "Annie Hall".

Could be, Sarah. I tend not to understand Woody Allen and I tend not to remember things I don't understand. So even though I have seen Annie Hall--I can't remember if he used "LURRRVVEE."

I think it was in a scene where he and Annie were "cuddling" and he was trying to figure out more ways to say "I love you". It's about all that I remember from the film (except for the fact that I didn't think Diane Keaton could sing, and if that was what passed for singing in NYC . . .)

That was good; thanks for bringing to my attention. I'm a longtime Apple user and generally a fan of their products but the massive media beatification has been creepy -- especially when just about everything you read makes you think, thank God I never had to date/work for this guy. I've been watching the new bio circulate like crazy at the library and thinking, why would you even want to read a whole book abotu him? And the child labor thing is particularly obscene when Apple held itself up as the company of creative good guys.

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