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24 January 2012


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Well, you had to press nappies, too. I had - in 1980-ies and 1990-ies. It was believed that diaper rash was bacterial - so the boiling and THEN ironing from both sides.

No wonder we did potty train our children much earlier back then (I have photo of holding my 6 month old baby on a potty - she could not stay on there herself, but one had to have the hope of the nappy time being over soon ...)

Holy cow, pressing the nappies too. I am a sorry excuse for a mother. Before CRjr came I had some half-baked ideas of exploring cloth diapers, but after he came and I couldn't figure out a. nursing, b. basic childcare, and c. how to cook any meals between failing at the first two, well, we gave that idea up pretty soon. I salute you.

Frayn is married to biographer Claire Tomalin. Lit'ry couple . . .

My mom said she had me trained by 2.

I'm sure I would love this book!

This sounds excellent! I'll have to request it from the library.

We had a diaper service for Laura, delivering forty or fifty cloth diapers a week. I bet it didn't cost any more than all the disposables. No rashes that I remember.

back to book, it sounds like a book that I would like. Thanks, CR.

Thanks for the reminder! I knew that at one point and had forgotten. I bet they've got a wonderful library at home, between the two of them.

Yes, toilet training, the next great adventure. Should be interesting to see when CRjr is trained--kudos to you for figuring it out by 2!

I really did enjoy it, and hope you do too. If you get it read would you pop back and let me know what you think?

Well, that's an option, but we never got it looked into. I do think cloth diapers might encourage earlier potty training--I think I read something once that modern disposables are so comfy and dry to kids that they resist giving them up.

Yes, you like a good memoir/bio, I know. I think you'd like this one too.

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