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23 January 2012


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Glad to see him back on TV. Of course, there are also ways to record one of the programs but . . . ?

Oh, Sarah,
My parents could barely use the VCR years ago when they were younger and could still learn stuff. And now I think they have my problem, where their VCR is old and their TV is new and you can't actually hook the VCR up to record anymore, you can just watch tapes on it. (My problem is one step removed: my VCR is old but my TV is older and my converter box for digital TV screws up my ability to record anything.) I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fucking technology. All it enables you to do is buy the new new thing so your system can barely keep working as well as it did 20 years ago.

My answer would be that my mom should just give up Dateline. But I'm uppity that way. Dateline gives me the heebies.

I'm with you, CR, on Dateline, and I'm someone who loves to read about true crime. Maybe its stories are too recent, because I like the shows City Confidential and American Justice that deal with older criminal cases.

I have to see I love having a dvr on my t.v. It's nice to be able to rewind or pause while I'm watching if I missed something or need to take care of something else. Sometimes when I'm listening to the radio, I wish I could rewind if I didn't catch something.

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