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23 February 2012


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For the students in the teacher certification program where I worked, I would create displays of young adult literature(with shelf talkers)that I hoped would get these future teachers excited about children's lit. It made me so sad to see the books just sit there. And these were great books! I know being in school is tough, but many of these books could be read in a couple of hours. When students did approach me for suggestions, it was always for picture books. The instructor's even created assignments that required them to find picture books regardless of the age of the students they were working with. I know there are lots of ways to engage teenagers with picture books, but future teachers should know about what is happening in YA, too.

That kind of discourages me, but then I think of the school librarian I know who told me she has read everything in her library. I was somewhat astounded, and she said, "How can I recommend a book to a child if I haven't read it?" I love hope!

CR, have you read "Reading don't fix no Chevys" by Michael Smith? I highly recommend it, especially for mothers of boys. That's not to say all young men only read how-to's (mine regularly reads narrative fiction as well as nonfiction of all sorts) but it does provide another perspective. (I'm not sure if it was re-issued in 2008 or actually revised; still tracking that info down).

"Reading Don't Fix No Chevy's": Literacy in the Lives of Young Men: 1st Edition (3/12/2002) by Michael W. Smith

Picture books are okay, but I'd take a good YA book any time. How much those students are missing! (And I know you, and your YA book taste. Any display put together by you has to be filled with awesome books!)

On the other hand, I love your positive story. Gives me hope too!

Thanks for the suggestion--I'm going to get it! I don't have a Chevy but if CRjr could grow up and understand my Hyundai that would be pretty super cool.

And yet in my husband's school, the emphasis is away from reading and more on writing. He used to read aloud to his students every day, and allow silent reading time when he would also read too. Not now. Can't be measured. He is retiring after next year. :<)

Well, that is just super lame. Don't those numbskulls know that good writing often flows naturally from READING good writing?
Glad he gets to retire soon. The working world is really starting to suck, and that's only if you can even get a job to start with.

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